Superhuman is a creative agency powered by innovative thinkers. The staff team together to design stories, campaigns, experiences, and assets for their valued clients, and they needed a work environment that provokes inspiration, facilitates collaboration, and accurately conveys their brand.
Last renovated in the late ‘90s, their 6,000-sqaure-foot suite located in the historic Kickernick building required upgrades to create the uplifting and inviting environment desired. The simple and subdued finish palette expresses sophistication and permits the unique artwork and light fixtures to pop. The previously covered brick, timber, and wood flooring was exposed to celebrate the historic charm notable to the Warehouse District. The open office layout creates a unified environment that supports organic touch points and idea sharing. The multiple meeting spaces support effective and efficient collaboration. In addition to being multi-modal, the soft seating and lounge areas generate warmth and comfort, and the long harvest table in the break room promotes the strong sense of community ingrained in the Superhuman culture.