Skin Rejuvenation

In conjunction with their brand refresh, Skin Rejuvenation transitioned from its dated premises to a spacious 8,500-square-foot suite at France Place in Edina. The newly designed clinic evokes a sophisticated spa-like aura to elevate the client experience. Embracing a classic black and white palette, the design interweaves walnut wood accents and curvilinear architectural features that introduce warmth and softness. The strategic deployment of grazing lighting casts a subtle, diffused glow on the feature walls, amplifying the tranquility. Distinctive arches are recurrent motifs, serving dual purposes – accentuating the architecture and guiding clients seamlessly through the facility. The retail area, thoughtfully designed with custom millwork and standalone tables, offers optimal product presentation and ensures layout versatility. The serene and upscale design of this clinic distinguishes it as a beacon of rejuvenation in the Edina area.