Pura Vida Orthodontics

Pura Vida Orthodontics opened a new 2,250-sqaure-foot clinic in a vacant retail storefront at The Shops at West End in St. Louis Park. Their primary goal was to create a standout clinic that appeals to young professionals. Setting itself apart from traditional clinics, Pura Vida Orthodontics merges an industrial aesthetic with a spa-like ambiance. The clean and modern design, featuring neutral colors and pops of vibrant hues that reflect the clinic’s branding, catches the eyes of the shoppers outside. The design team softened the industrial feel of the high, exposed ceilings by strategically incorporating dropped soffits, curved baffles, and warm wood tones. Operating in a retail setting with limited natural light, the design team prioritized the patient experience by purposefully placing patient areas up front to maximize their connection to daylight as much as possible. Tailored to the long, narrow footprint, the layout incorporates an open patient bay and multiple access points to staff zones to enhance flow and productivity. All things considered, Pura Vida Orthodontics’ unique design attracts a younger clientele, maximizes the patient experience, and leaves a lasting smile on both patients’ and staff members’ faces.