Linn Companies

The Linn Companies recently acquired Currell Centre in Woodbury, the same building they leased office space in 15 years earlier. Designed as a spec suite used to attract tenants, the Linn Companies office conveys the unlimited potential for other suites in the business center. Upon entrance, employees and guests are introduced to the company’s modernized branding and contemporary rustic design that flows consistently throughout the 6,500-square-foot suite. Improved adjacencies enhance efficiencies among various departments, large glass windows and demountable glass walls allow natural light to seep into the open office environment, and various biophilic elements promote a healthy climate and contribute to workplace productivity. The break room, which features multiple types of seating, and the collaborative break out spaces located throughout the office create a sense of camaraderie among the staff, contributing to workplace satisfaction. The new Linn Companies office looks and feels distinctively different than when they inhabited Currell Center over a decade ago.