Located within walking distance to popular restaurants and retailers, and just a few steps from neighborhood trails, Birke offers comfort, style, and convenience to all residents. The plethora of luxurious amenities extend living quarters beyond unit doors and set Birke apart from other multi-housing communities in the area. Intentionally designed to reflect the local surroundings and create a hospitality-focused environment, the lower ceilings, warm fireplaces, and comfortable furniture create cozy spaces for residents to relax and socialize in intimate settings. The stack of birch logs adjacent to the fireplace in the lobby echoes the building’s name, which was derived from the word “birch”, and light wood tones and natural materials are intertwined with modern design elements to reflect aspects of Minnesota without feeling overly rustic. The high-end design combined with the grand amenities create a lifestyle that allows residents to live, work, and play without stepping foot outside of Birke.