In a matter of 10 years, our firm doubled in size, the culture transformed and our needs evolved. We relocated from Edina to Minneapolis to be centrally located to clients and industry partners. As experts in creating transformative design, we utilized our wide breadth of expertise and creativity to create a welcoming and energizing office environment that spurs progressive ideas, showcases the talent of our designers, aligns with our elevated brand identity, and attracts and retains employees. We established a hospitality focused experience by welcoming clients with an inviting message displayed on a big screen TV and installing a hospitality bar directly inside the main entrance. We increased areas for collaboration by 123% by thoughtfully incorporating private meeting rooms, booths, a large work cafe, and numerous ancillary furniture groupings. We prioritized flexibility by strategically implementing adaptable solutions, such as demountable walls, to allow us to easily modify our space to accommodate future needs. Featuring a variety of work style solutions, finishes that reflect the attributes of our new brand identity, and products from a multitude of manufacturers, our office is a showroom for client inspiration.